Photo by the amazing Ashley Upchurch


Hello! And welcome to Michael Newman Photography. I’ve been photographing families & weddings since 2007.  I’ve had the privilege to capture so many beautiful couples and families, many of whom have become friends. 

 I’m a West Virginia boy who found himself in Florida where I met and married a Mississippi girl in 2009. We moved to Mississippi in 2019 to be closer to family. We have been blessed by three very active children!

A little more about me and some things I enjoy:

  • Coffee – who doesn’t love coffee?
  • The Office -I’m not saying I’d win an Office trivia game, but I’d probably beat you!  What’s your favorite Office quote?
  • Memes/GIFs – you’ve heard of the 5 love languages, I think memes/gifs should be added to that list.
  • Guitar/Music – I was introduced to classic rock as a kid and I’ve been hooked on guitar ever since. My musical tastes have broadened since then and I’m always looking for new music.  Got a band you love?  Let me know! 
  • Country Livin’ – I’m a tech/gadget boy at heart but I married into a family who loves and enjoys country life.   And I got to say, I love having fresh eggs, milk, and meat right from our very own farm.  I once even owned/operated a micro-dairy (but that’s a story for another time)

Newman Family Experience

There can be a lot of stress leading up to and during your wedding day.   Your photographer should not be one of them. 

If you want a fun, laid-back, natural wedding photography experience I’ve created an experience, dedicated to celebrating you. Giving you complete peace of mind to be fully present in the emotions of your wedding day. 

Newman Wedding Experience