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What are the best ages to photograph a baby?

Babies change so rapidly that it’s important to capture them throughout the year so you can compare the growth and fully enjoy every stage. You see them every day so you may not notice the small changes to your baby’s appearance.  Generally speaking, there are five milestones in the first year – newborn, 3 months, … Read more

What should I wear for a newborn session?

Picking an outfit can be tough! Here are a few tips to help. Newborn Photography Outfits for Mom Mom should pick her outfit first and everyone can coordinate around it. Wear something that is comfortable and makes you feel good. Consider wearing something with texture like sweaters and knits Dress in lighter/neutral colors for a … Read more

Mississippi Newborn Photography In-Home Session

Introducing in-home newborn sessions! I am thrilled to announce my in-home newborn sessions. I tried years ago to get into newborn photography but always felt the pressure to do what was trendy – all the props, all the complicated set-ups, and all the tricky poses. There are photographers who do amazing work like this but … Read more

What if my toddler doesn’t cooperate?

Set them up for success – if possible schedule your session for the morning, well before nap time is supposed to happen.  If you can’t schedule it for the morning then work around their nap time.   A rested and well-fed baby & toddler tend to be more agreeable for photos. Bring food/snacks – I … Read more

I Don’t Want To Do A First Look

I don't want to do a first look

If you haven’t read my post about “Should I Do A First Look?” please check it out!  There are some advantages for doing a first look that you may want to consider. If you know for sure that you don’t want to do a first look, let me tell you, that’s ok!  As a photographer … Read more

Should I Do A First Look?

What is a First Look? It’s probably quite obvious, but a first look is when the bride and groom see each other for the first time before the ceremony, simple as that. If you’ve talked with a photographer or a wedding planner, chances are you’ve been asked if you would like to do a first … Read more