Richton Dixie League Photo Info 2022

Hello, parents (and grandparents)! If you are looking for your child’s photo for the Dixie League you are in the right spot. This is just a webpage intended to give you information. The actual gallery will be posted within two weeks of the May 7th shoot at the link below. Use the button below to pre-register for the gallery and you will be notified when it goes live.

A couple of pieces of information before you receive the gallery.

Details on photoshoot:

Important: Individual photos of each player will take place first within the 30-minute time slot your coach picked and then the team photo will take place at the end of the 30-minute time slot. I will only have 2-3 minutes per child so it will be very important for players to arrive 5-10 minutes early, dressed and ready to go. Please bring their glove, ball, bat, helmet, and hat.

When: Saturday, May 7th – coaches are picking a time slot for your team and it will be shared with you.

  • 7:30am – 11-12 boys baseball – Coach Brent Lott
  • 8am – Stokes Farms – Coach Harli Newell
  • 8:30am Pathway Nutrition 10u softball – Coach Harley Byrd
  • 9am – 12u softball Fox’s Pizza – Coach Wendy Edwards
  • 9:30am – 12u softball Red Hots – Coach Olivia Wells
  • 10am – Myrick 8u softball – Coach Justin Myrick
  • 10:30am Howards Used Cars 9 & 10 boy baseball – Coach Tommy Bishop
  • 11am – Cajun Tails Rag Ball – Coach Daniel Jordan
  • 11:30am – James Enterprise T-Ball – Coach Meagan West
  • 1pm Beasely Auto Parks Rag Ball – Coach CC Beasley
  • Jimmy Mclain’s Troop A is being photgoraphed on Monday, May 2nd at 6:30pm at the Dixie League field

Where: Richton Baseball Field – 701 Elm Ave, Richton, MS 39476

When Can I see the photos: Photos will be posted by Saturday, May 21st. Please pre-register at the link below to be notified when the gallery goes live.

Price: There is no upfront cost for a player to get their photo taken.  All purchases will take place at an online gallery which will be posted at the link below. Pre-register below to be notified when the gallery goes live

Prints begin at $7 plus tax/shipping for a 4×6 and go up from there.

Digital files are $20 for the first file and then $10 for each additional file when ordered at the same time (so two digital files ordered together would be $30, saving you $10). If you make an additional order later the digital file will again start at $20, so it would be best to buy what you want together the first time.

Click Here to Pre-Register for the Dixie Leauge Photo Gallery