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The most extraordinary celebration of you!

Complete peace of mind, knowing your day is in the best hands.

With the Newman Wedding Experience, we create the blueprint that will allow those magical moments to happen with our care, the way they were meant to.

The emotions, the moments & the authenticity you desire in your photographs.

3 Simple Step Process


I’ll check my calendar and make sure I’m available for your date! If I am – get ready for a phone call from me! We’ll take 10-15 minutes chatting about your wedding day dreams and the people you can’t wait to celebrate with.


It’s true! A stress-free wedding with beautiful photos is what you NEED! We’ll make this new adventure official with a signed contract and paid retainer!  Then the fun truly begins!


Between constant contact with Michael, taking advantage of The Wedding Guide, your engagement session, and organizing an enjoyable wedding day, we’re going to make some beautiful heirlooms with our time together!

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Michael Newman Photography Values

1. Connect and Trust

One of the most important qualities a wedding photographer must possess with their couples is trust. I take that very seriously, so from day one, I invest my time into getting to know both of you on a deeper level. I want you to feel trust and relaxation on your wedding day when you see me walk through that door.

2. Commitment & Transparency

With my experience, we get right to work learning about all of the needs you may have, as well as what you truly value about yourselves. This helps us better understand how your wedding day will unfold. We will never leave you with a question unanswered.

3. Strategic Plan for Peace of Mind

I take everything that we learn about you, what you value, and go straight to the drawing board. I create a very focused game plan for your wedding day that will allow for genuine moments to flourish. That combined with my shooting style, allows me to anticipate those special moments that happen in the blink of an eye.

4. Photography with Care

I walk into your wedding day with a game plan that has already begun. Every single part of your wedding day has been planned for. I will be your cheerleader as the day progress  and with determination and execution will have your wedding day run exactly as you have dreamt of.

Michael Newman Wedding Photographer

Dedicated to Your Story

I believe it’s my job as a photographer to give you classic images that you will be proud the years to come!

Nothing overly posed, stiff, or easily “dated” but a reflection of who you are and how you felt on your wedding day.  Looking back you will be so proud of who you are and who you have become together. 

Let’s get to know each other!
Michael Newman Photographer serving Mississippi, Alabama and the panhandle of Florida.


I’d love to talk with you about your wedding needs. For availability and pricing please fill out my contact form.