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In-home newborn sessions

I am thrilled to announce my in-home newborn sessions. I tried years ago to get into newborn photography but always felt the pressure to do what was trendy – all the props, all the complicated set-ups, and all the tricky poses. There are photographers who do amazing work like this but it’s never quite felt like me.  

It wasn’t until recently, after finding Sandra Coan (an amazing photographer and educator) that I connected with how I felt I could serve families in this way.  If you connect with clean, joyful, laid-back, baby-led, and family-connected photos then I’m your photographer! 

What is an in-home newborn session?

Simply put, I come to you.

No need to worry about getting everyone ready and out the door. No taking your brand new baby out in challenging weather. I will come to your home so you and your baby are where you can be comfortable.

Sounds comfortable and easy, doesn’t it?

Raise your hand if you like easy!

Is my home good enough for a newborn session?

Let’s break down any concerns you may have into two main categories.

Size – I can assure you just about any size home will work for a newborn session. I really only need a 10x10ft sized area to create beautiful images of you and your precious newborn.

Lighting – a home with large, open windows that let in a lot of natural light is a wonderful thing but it is not necessary. If you are worried your home is too dark just know I am comfortable using artificial light (strobes/flash) to create a natural look. All the images on this post were created using artificial light.

Are you still concerned? Send me photos of your home and we can discuss our options.

How to prepare your home for a newborn session?

The main thing is to remove clutter from the areas we plan to photograph.  This is typically the main bedroom and the nursery room.

  • Remove sleep sacks or swaddles and pacifiers from the cribs
  • Remove unnecessary furniture and clothes lying around the room.
  • Unsightly objects like box fans, humidifiers, diaper genies
  • Get rid of all clutter
  • You can throw all of the clutter and unnecessary objects in a closet or room not being used.

It takes just a few minutes and can completely change the outcome of your session!

How long does a newborn session last?

Newborn sessions typically last 2 hours. My newborn sessions are baby-led, meaning that we take breaks for diaper changes, feeding, comforting, and whatever else the baby may need.

What should I wear for a newborn session?

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