5 Tips for a Newborn Session

Dear Mama,

As you think about documenting this time in your family’s life here are 5 tips for a newborn session. This is an exciting but challenging time for you! Let’s be frank, you have a lot going on. Between doctor visits, preparing a home for your newborn baby, monitoring your health, scheduling all the things, and actually growing a brand new human it can get overwhelming. Hi, I’m Michael, a Hattiesburg MS photographer and I’m here to help.

1. Schedule it ahead of time.

Quite often photographers book up months in advance. To make sure you have a slot, contact your photographer asap, especially if you already know your due date.

2. Know your style

In-Home or Studio, Posed or Lifestyle – lifestyle sessions are generally less about props, and froggy/taco poses and more about the family connection. This is the style I do, and I can do it in your home or in a studio. If you want a photographer with themed props, buckets, baskets, and elaborate poses I may not be the photographer for you.

3. Choosing your outfits.

For mama, you should have an outfit that makes you feel good and something that is more light and neutral in color. A more neutral color reflects less light onto the skin when photographed. For dads, I recommend a light-colored polo, button-up, or henley shirt. Pants can vary from slacks to jeans depending on how casual you want your session to feel. If you’d like more info you can download my free outfit planning guide below.

If you’d like some guidelines on picking out your outfit for a newborn session please grab my free outfit planning guide.

You can also choose dresses from my client closet. You can also see them in this guide.

4. Cleaning your house

If you plan to do a newborn session in your home you do not to clean your whole house. You just had a baby!! If you feel it necessary, have your significant other, or family member declutter areas that have a lot of natural light. This could be in your nursery, living room, or master bedroom. I encourage new parents to just let me declutter/move things around the day of their session so no extra energy is wasted on places where we don’t end up shooting.

Newborn being held by mama

5. Photo Plan

Think about what you want to do with your photos. I love digital images, but they often get forgotten on our phones. Do you plan to have images printed out with framed prints, heirloom albums, gift prints for family members and baby announcements?

There you go, 5 tips for a newborn session. Was this helpful? Want more info? Let me know my continuing the conversion with the link below. If you

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